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Colour Care

milk_shake provides you with the ultimate colour care regime.

milk_shake Colour Maintainer products offer hydrating and protective treatments to care for your colour treated hair. A combination of milk proteins and the Integrity 41 active ingredients prolong and preserve your colour whilst leaving your hair soft, radiant and vibrant.


Leave In Treatments


milk_shake provide you with versatile leave in conditioning treatments.

milk_shake leave-in conditioning treatments are must-have hair heroes that are suitable products for all hair types. These multi-taskers are easy to use, give moisture, manageability, and protection whilst leaving the hair conditioned, soft and radiant.


1908x776_integrity_reconstruction_system_1500x (2).jpg


milk_shake integrity system provides you with all the necessary elements to nourish hair.

This system works by improving the hair’s health and radiance. milk_shake use Muru Muru butter along with a blend of natural ingredients to nourish, transform, restructure and restore dry and damaged hair.


Icy Blond

Lightening techniques, external aggressors such as the sun, or harsh cleansers can bring out unwanted warm tones in blond hair.

The special black pigment contained within the new milk_shake® icy blond

  • is ideal for very light blond or platinum blond hair

  • neutralises and counteracts unwanted yellow/orange or brassy tones in blond hair

  • gives delicate ash tones to very light blond hair or platinum blond hair

  • prolongs the effects of grey or silver toners

Icy blonde.jpg


Olaplex is one of the worldwide best known bond building treatments, this is available as an in salon additive treatment.

Olaplex have a wide range of home-care treatments which are available to buy from us - pre-order only.

K18 Hair Repair Treatment

It is scientifically proven that K18 repairs damage in just four minutes.
K18 repairs deeper into the hair structure than anything else, this is used for building stronger hair, repairing damage but also preventing further hair damage.

The K18 treatment can be used as an addional product to any colour services and can also be a stand alone treatment here at Laura-Beth Hair & Beauty.


After-care products available to buy in salon 

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