Hello 2017!

Saturday, January 07, 2017

2017 is truly here and what a whirlwind of a year it has been. I finished university, graduated - which lets face it was a challenge - and started my first full time ‘proper’ job. It has been a huge transition moving from student mode to full time adulating but I feel like I am finally getting to grips with it, maybe.  

Alas, the start of a new year means no more looking back but lots of looking to the future. Usually I don’t make any resolutions, but this year is different, it is the year of me and I have a few steps to help me along the way.

1.     I am going to sort out my eating and get back on track. This time last year I was a successful member of slimming world having lost around one and a half stone. I never got to my target weight so before Christmas I re-joined and am going back to it with even more determination! Target weight here I come
2.       As always the next step after eating healthy is to get my ass moving. I am have never been a massive fan of sports but I am going to start small with evening walks to get the blood pumping, actually using the gym membership which I have brought last year to go to classes and maybe joining my local park run. I am under no illusion that I will be amazing right off the bat but it will be a slow process of becoming fitter.

3.       I want to embrace my hobbies this year and rediscover my passions. Photography, sewing and dance are the key areas I want to do more of this year. It is so important for everyone to find something which makes them happy outside of work and friends. Something which you can sit down on your own and have some calm time doing. I have somethings which I got brought for Christmas which could help me on my way to becoming more accomplished at these hobbies, if you’re lucky I might even post about them on here! Who knows!

4.       My final point is that I want to travel more! This is both in the UK and abroad. I haven’t really traveled much in the UK as I grew up in Kent, meaning any holidays we hopped over the English Channel into France. This is the year I want to learn more about the country I live in while experiencing all of the amazing places there are further afield.

Do you have any tips or tricks to help me on my way? Because I might need them! So leave them in the comments below. Also I would love to know all about your plans for 2017! 

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