Well Hello There..... Long Time No Speak!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello one and all!

I have a real post coming your way in a day or two (I have the text but still need to take the pictures) However I finished writing and then realised that the short explanation at the beginning of the post was not enough after such a long absence from blogging


It’s been such a long time and initially it was down to the fact that I suddenly found myself with a lot of university work, that combined with that I also was having a much more active social life in my second year than I did in my first meant that I had much less time to myself.

I suddenly felt that I was making myself write, something which I never felt when writing before, previously there was nothing more relaxing than sitting down to write a post. I was stressing about getting posts written and it was no longer fun, definitely more of a chore, which is not what I wanted from my hobby.

A lot has happened in my life within the last year; at this point in time I still don’t feel comfortable writing about it on the internet. There are definitely more complex reasons which so many times kept me from clicking the publish button on posts, maybe sometime in the future I might feel more comfortable talking about these reasons but definitely not now.

I think the main reason I don’t want to explain in further detail right now is that even though I know no one who knows me reads this blog there is still the slight change that they might – I mean I post it on my twitter page!

The main reason for me rediscovering my blog page is because I am currently trying to do more things which make me happy, because everyone wants to be happy right, to do this I am rediscovering hobbies which I used to enjoy and things that I used to do for myself – no one else.

My blog is one of those things. If you look back at my very first post it is of nothing in particular and I did it because I was bored, slightly scared and home alone. I didn’t think about it before I did it and I didn’t over analyse what I was going to say or what my blog was going to be about – I just did it!

Also the other day my amazing friend Suzi started doing a ‘learn to love yourself challenge’ on her blog which she writes about her journey to love herself in a daily blog. I strongly recommend you go check it out HERE.  This has inspired me to take the final step and just click that publish button.

I would love to know something that you have done, something that was maybe a bit spontaneous and you might not have thought through 100%, so leave it in the comments below J

Until next time my lovelies 

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    1. Why thank you my lovely! :) it feels really good to be writing again!



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