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Friday, November 11, 2016

Hello all of you lovely people, Todays post is all about my top three favourite lipsticks. Now as everyone knows ranking ones favourite lipsticks can be an impossible task although for me there are three certain ones that jump out at me.

Surprisingly enough my favourite three come from all areas of the financial scale, the first being a MAC lipstick called Angel which cost £15 (even though it did not cost that when I brought it!). 

Now I do know that this lipstick either looks lovely on or makes you look sickly, this lipstick is definitely a winter shade for me as I have recently discovered this summer that while I have a tan it is not a flattering colour.

This lipstick is meant to be a frost finish which according to MAC means that it has ‘an excellent colour payoff with medium to high frosted shimmer-and-shine finish’. Although this is the category which MAC has placed Angel, it does not have a dramatic frost finish I would say that it has a slight pearly finish instead of being frosty.

What I love about it is that it is a lovely baby pink shade which can be worn everyday adding to a natural look, I find that it just finishes off my makeup nicely.

The next lipstick on my list is the Rimmel lasting finish by Kate Moss in shade 01, now when I brought this lipstick is was more of a spur of the moment decision as this deep red shade was definitely out of my comfort zone!

I find reds quite hard to wear as I have to make sure that they contain blue undertones, as red/orange undertones just look weird on me. When I saw this I decided to try it out as let’s face it £5.49 will not break the bank if I decide that I don’t like it.

I would say that this lipstick is more of a cherry red colour with a sheen finish to it, the formula is quite pigmented and leaves a slight stain on the lips. It also has a sweet scent to it initially which then disperses once you apply it.

I really love this lipstick as it is a gorgeous shade which is good for people that might have a hard time finding reds to suite them, I would recommend this as a good starter red.

My final favourite is a real bargain and if you haven’t tried one of these then I strongly suggest that you do as it only cost £1, and you can’t go wrong with a pound. 

It is the MUA (Makeup Academy) lipstick in shade 3 which has a lovely creamy texture to it and glides across the lips effortlessly.

It results in a semi- matte finish and is highly pigmented leaving a slight stain to the lips. One down side to this lipstick is that it does cling to dry patches so I advise that you should exfoliate them top avoid this and moisturize before applying this lipstick as the formula is slightly drying.

This lipstick has great staying power and I find that it once applied , it lasts through lots of eating and drinking which is great is you plan on going out with it on your lips J

I hope that you liked seeing my top three lipsticks. What I want to know is what are yours? Are any of yours similar to mine? 

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  1. I too love the Rimmel Kate Moss red lipstick, I find it so wearable and don't have to feel daring to wear it! I'm currently loving my Revlon lipstick in 'mauve it over', a dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy, but I'd love to try the real thing. 'Angel' looks pretty too! x


  2. I have a Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in the shade 101, it's a lovely rose pink shade and is very creamy. it's been my colour of the summer and I've literally worn it with all my make up looks. Really enjoyed reading this.

  3. I have the MUA lipstick, I'm with you on the clinging to dry patches can be annoying if your lips are dry and you're in a rush but it's a great colour!
    Really want to try out the Rimmel lisptick!

  4. I Agree with jesslyn about the mua they can be pretty drying. I tend to go for moisturising lipsticks from drugstore I always go for revlon or rimmel but I use lip stains 99 percent of the time

  5. one of my favourites is mac russian red but it gets everywhere!

  6. That's quite a range of pricing! I have the ate shad and love it, the MUA is amazingly pigmented! Haven't quite splashed out to Mac yet1

  7. I've never tried anything by MUA, I'll have to check them out, thanks for the tip :)

    I've also nominated you for a Liebster Award, go here for details ->

    Have fun :D

    Jo x

  8. Gah! So jealous of your Mac. One day I WILL own one of my own.. Lovely blog!



  9. OOh three very different shades and I love the MAC one xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  10. Angel is one of my daily go-to shades, so easy to wear - completes your look effortlessly x

    Find me on bloglovin:

  11. I love the shade of the Kate Moss liptick! Although I don't tend to wear colours like that, I think I'll have to swatch it next time I see it.

    Millie x

    Hidden Beauty♥

  12. I really want to try the Kate Moss lipstick! It's on my September wishlist haha, and I have the MUA Shade 3 too it's one of my favourites!

    I've also nominated you for the liebster award on my blog incase you wanted to do it :) xx

  13. I LOVE that you've reviewed a 'higher end' middle range and cheapy lippy, and you love them all! Just goes to show you don't need to be rich either! Love the look of that KM one! x xx

  14. Everybody seems to LOVE Angel! I really need to swatch it next time I'm in Mac. The Rimmel lipstick is such a great shade. I find reds really hard to wear but I'm going to make a big effort to wear them more now Autumn is approaching :) Thanks for sending me your link during the #bbloggers chat xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  15. that kate moss rimmel lipstick is gorgeous!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    ps. check out my new giveaway to win a Chanel cream blush! click here.

  16. Love the deep red by Rimmel Kate :)
    If your loving red lipsticks take a look at my post on lipsticks - I spoke about MAC 'Russian Red' and also another Rimmel Kate Lipstick number 16!

  17. Great picks! I've been wanting to try Angel, I just feel it may not look to good on me. Found you on Twitter, you sent me your link. You have a new follower here! :) --hope you check out my little blog!

  18. really love the second choice!

  19. The Kate Moss lipstick is amazing. That red shade is so nice. I agree that sometimes red can be difficult to wear though.

  20. I love Angel, one of my favorite.
    That red is THE perfect red, I need to look into it.
    New follower xx

  21. Hi Laura-Beth. I have Angel on my wish list. Reading your post has made me want it more! Xx

    Carly's Beauty World

  22. Great post! Love the MAC shade, it's gorgeous! Love your blog!
    Chloe xx

  23. Hey I have nominated you for the Liebster award! here is the link … I hope you will accept it :) Gemma xx

  24. Hi! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    More info here :)


  25. Ahh, im obsessed with Kate Moss lipsticks. The coverage is amazing:)x

  26. I love that 01 Kate lipstick. Lovely colour and great price.

  27. OHH that Red Rimmel lipstick is DIVINE <3

  28. I LOVE Mac Angel its such a beautiful colour! Love your blog just followed you on bloglovin!

    Lyndsey X

  29. I have a mac lipstick in the colour impassioned (which is a pretty bright pink shade) it is my favourite lipstick ever, the colour is great and just love how it feels, would recommend if you're feeling confident (: xx

  30. I love Kate moss lipsticks! one of my faves is 107, along with mac creme d'nude and revlon red

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  31. these all look like gorgeous shades!
    lovely post hun!

    Laura xox

  32. I actually tried the Kate lipstick about a week ago, after seeing it on another blog (bloggers influence eh! ha) I loved it too. Definitely glad I got it but only for nights out I think! x
    Heroine In Heels



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