L'Occitane Summer Beauty Essentials Kit

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hello Everyone, it has been a while hasn't it and for that I am sorry but I have been on holiday (which I will do a post about). Alas I am back now and ready to write :)

Today’s post is all about an L’Occitane set that I got as a present from an aunt. The set is from the angelica collection and is called Summer Beauty Essentials, this kit retails at £30 and you get some real gems in the kit.

The one thing I always love about L’Occitane products is that they smell amazing, it is one shop that I truly love to go into and which you come out smelling fantastic.

You get five products in the pack which all comes in a cute little travel bag, on my way home from holiday I used It keep some jewellery safe. The bag was perfect for my holiday as I went to the south of France and on the front it is depicting a scene from a French Provencal Café.

The product which I am most excited about to have is the Hand Cream as I think it is just amazing. This product Promises to ‘protect, nourish and soften your hands’. And I say that I agree with this statement. My sister and I buy a lavender version of it for our mum every birthday. It smells so good and really hydrates your hands, in the pack you get a 10ml tube and is enriched with 20% Shea Butter. If you haven’t tried this yet you must!

Next is a product that I am eager to try and it is the L’Occitane food cream, after trying the hand cream I have high hopes for this. This also comes in a 10 ml tube and claims to ‘Moisturize and relieve irritated and tired feet’ let me tell you I hope that it delivers what is says on the tin. This product contains 15% Shea Butter and other soothing ingredients.

 You also get two body washes, although one is a shower oil and the other is a shower gel. The Shower Gel that you get is the Gel Douche Universel, which you get a 75ml bottle of. I have tried this and it resulted in beautiful smelling skin, while in the bottle is in a gel but once contact with water has been made it turns into a foam.

I have not tried the Amande (Almond to you and me) Shower Oil yet (which you get in a 35ml bottle) and while I will I am slightly dubious as it markets itself as oil and I already have very oily skin. Alas it does promise to turn into foam so I will try it.

The next product I was incredibly grateful to have while away and was a 50ml bottle of the hydration face mist, this came in an aerosol can therefore keeping the liquid inside very cold which I was grateful for. I found that while keeping me cool it also moisturised my face. Another plus is that it has a wonderful floral scent which comes from the Organic Anegelica Water and Essential Oil contained inside.

Finally you also get a Lavender Fizzy Pebble for the bath which will be amazing when I want to have a relaxing bath as I don’t know about you but I find that lavender always relaxes me.

I Hoped you liked seeing what I got have you tried any of these if so what did you think? 

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  1. Ohhh I love this! And I'm so surprised that it retails at only £30! That place is usually so expensive! I'm going to go and get this! And I love that all of their products contain NO Lanolin! So I'm not allergic!

    Kateez.com | Beauty, Lifestyle & UK Blog

    1. I know I was really surprised when I saw the price its such good value and I love that their products are really natural xx

  2. Hey I nominated you for a Liebster Award :)


    1. Thank you so much I am working on my Liebster post now :) xx

  3. feeling a shopping spree coming on! definitely need some of these to keep me going through this season! New follower from the bbloggers

    Kassie - www.styledevoured.com

    1. Thank You so much, lots of these products are helping me survive the heat :) xx

  4. I love the Almond Shower Oil, it's one of my favorites and it smells really good :-)

    Love, Christine♥



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