30 Day Snap #6 | My Dog Archie

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Hello lovely people of the internet so it is Day 6 of Louise from SprinkleofGlitter’s 30 day snap, if you don’t know what it is CLICK HERE and apparently day 5 did not happen to me as it was such a crazy day yesterday that I forgot to upload my daily snap L sorry guys.

 Alas I am back and today I thought I would introduce someone to you that honestly I cant believe he has not been on here before,… My dog Archie. 

Archie, My Black Labrador
As you can see he is a Black Labrador and bless him, he is getting old now at the ripe old age of ten nearly 11 years of age. As you can see it is starting to show, the grey hairs are coming through on this chin and he also has a few white whiskers.

I love that in this picture he is almost posing for the camera, let’s just say that he is the baby of our family and a little bit of an attention seeker.

How has your day been? Also do you have any pets? If so what ? 

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