What Cured My Acne and Recommendations

Friday, June 10, 2016

This weekend has been spent traveling all over the place, across the county (which I guess isn't that bad n England). When packing to go anywhere I always get that scared feeling of leaving something important behind, that it why I have to scan a place about three times before my paranoia is settled.

Alas even with all of this checking I still manage to leave things behind, this time it was my Clinique face soap. Now for me this is a very important part of my daily ritual. I have always suffered with bad acne, sometimes it has got so bad that I have had to go medication, anyone that does suffer badly I would recommend going to your doctor as they can do something for you.

After trying some different treatments the one that finally worked for me was a combination of a cream called PanOxyl and a set of tablets called Tetralysal, luckily the medication worked, I now have relatively nice skin and have the mission to keep it that way.

 I have tried many skin care products over the years but the one that I have found works the best for my skin and my skin type is the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions which is a special part of their 3-step skin care regime  this consists of a Cleansing Bar, Clarifying Lotion and a Clearing Moisturizer. Recently I have been substituting the Clearing Moisturizer for the Re-Gen cream which so far has been a good change but I will do another blog on it after I have used it for slightly longer.

I do recommend this set of products by Clinique to anyone having a problem with their skin and want some recommendations of things to try.  As I have said this is just what works for me and everyone has different skin so another combination might work for you. Clinique also have very good assistants at their stands so do go talk to one to work out a set that work for your skin type.

As I use this product everyday twice a day you can understand that I had to go straight out and buy myself a new one, the silver lining to this is I now have one at home and with me at university (YAY).

Do you have any products that you could not live without? If so what are they? 

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  1. Thanks for this. I'm 39 (yes, seriously!) and have had acne since I was 12. I'm currently on two types of medication for my acne, plus trying an experimental treatment which isn't working well at all! So I'm always to pleased to read about other things I could try.

    1. I'm really glad that you liked reading it, just you leaving this comment has made writing this worth while. I'm lucky that we found the right combination of medication that worked for me.

      I hope that you have found this useful and wish you all the luck in future treatments.

      From, Laura-Beth

  2. Thanks for the suggestion dear.

    xo Janika

    1. It's okay I hope that you enjoyed reading it

      From, Laura-BEth

  3. Have you tried using Clarisonic? It did wonders for me! :) I agree with Clinique though, they're really helpful with acne. http://isabellezza.blogspot.com

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