Review of Real Technique Brushes by Samantha Chapman

Saturday, May 07, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I went into boots and what do you know it was 3 for 2 on everything needless to say I couldn’t resist. Recently I realised that I desperately needed some new make-up brushes, therefore I have been looking at many reviews on the many brushes that are available.

 One make that caught my attention was Real Technique by Samantha Chapman, these have very good reviews and are reasonably priced which is one of the main factors that I was looking for.

I needed desperately needed a new powder brush and a blusher brush therefore I got to pick another brush to have it as my free one. I have never tried a stippling brush to apply my foundation, only ever using the traditional foundation brush (which I think does a decent job) so I brought the stippling brush as my third brush.

 These brushes are all made of talkon fibres making them incredibly soft and smooth when using them to apply makeup, they are also hand cut in order to get the perfect shape.

Blusher Brush
Powder Brush

Stippling Br

 Due to the various reviews that I had read about these brushes I had high hopes and luckily I have not been disappointed they give me the flawless finish that has been promised on the packet.

The stippling brush was also a good buy as once trying it I can honestly tell you that I won’t go back to a normal foundation brush. The stippling brush gives my foundation a much better and more natural looking coverage and it makes my skin look great.

I also love the look of the brushes, each category has a different colour, so the gold represents the base brushes, purple if for the eyes and the pink is for finish. These brushes also stand up on their own making them easy to store either in a case or standing up on the side.

I would defiantly recommend these brushes to others and I can’t wait to expand on my collection.

Have you tried the Real Techniques brushes? And if yes then what do you think of them? 

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