Review of Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Over the winter months my hands get incredibly dry and cracked therefore I have to use hand cream daily to avoid the consequences of the cold weather. This winter I have been trying out Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing hand cream which claims to ‘immediately moisturises hands so they recover their softness and suppleness’. 

What really attracted me to this product was the fast drying aspect of it, as I like to apply hand cream throughout the day and hate that clammy feeling that you sometimes get after putting hand cream on (in my opinion it sometimes feels like sweaty hands).

 Initially when you first squeeze the cream onto your hands it looks to be a thick formula but it easy gets massaged and absorbed into the skin, it also has a lovely refreshing smell to it. 

On the packaging it claims to be non-greasy and this is a part that I have to disagree with as even ten minutes after I put the hand cream on to my skin there is still a slight greasiness to my hands which I am slightly disappointed with.

After using the product for a couple of months I am very happy with the results, it is one of the most hydrating hand creams that I have used, making my hands as is claimed ‘soft and supple’. Although I do prefer using it more as a night time product than during the day due to its greasiness.

Have you tried the Norwegian Formula? if so what do you think? 

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