Home Alone

Friday, March 29, 2013

Yesterday my parents went to France for a holiday (great for them). I was meant to go with them but last week I randomly looked at my passport and found that it was out of date !! :( now although I was upset due the fact that I wanted to go I was not traumatized I thought that it might be a good opportunity for me to catch up with some work and watch some of the things that I like to watch, no the traumatizing factor came in last night when I was home alone.

 Now I am at university and live in halls so obviously I felt that I would be fine, although there were a few factors that I did not account for such as we have recently moved house so I do not know the house very well especially as I have only been living in it for a week, I also do not know the neighbours at all, while I am sure that they are lovely people it did not reassure me at all, another large factor that was not consider was that while yes I do live away from home at university, there are always people around (a whole building full of them) there is also a reception area where you can always find security who will come at any time that they are called (which for me has been never thankfully). Therefore being in a new house with only the dog for company (even though he was no help at all and just sat by the door waiting for my mum and dad to come home) was a little scary.

 I like to think that I weathered the storm well taking up some of my time by watching YouTube videos (especially Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter) and making a wish list of new things that I want also convincing myself to finally make the push and pay out for a mac foundation. I found that keeping the radio and many of the lights on helped as well as making sure the curtains were shut and all doors locked. Logically I knew nothing was going to happen but that did not stop my brain from creating up all types of situations.

Next time I will be able to be a lot more rational and level headed about the situation, this was a first for me alone in this new house and like many firsts it was scary but doing something for the first time however big or small will be scary as you would have never done it before, for you to be able to overcome the fear you must first do the thing that scares you, so I want you to ask yourself what scares you? And what can you do to overcome that fear?

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